Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Our Considered Festive Gift For Baby Iris

Now that we are Relative Uncles to Baby Iris we take our responsibilities very seriously, and as such our Christmas present for her was the source of great debate, none of which, we can safely say, was heated.
In the end, we decided that we would give her the gift of bibs, as she is now very much enjoying the odd Weetabix both in her mouth, hair and eyelashes …… and we are pretty sure that she may very well avail herself of a tiny weeny taste of  Christmas dinner, perhaps even discovering the joy of the sprout, our own personal festive vegetable of choice, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom.
We also couldn’t resist purchasing a pair of the PE Lady’s Christmas Booties for good measure, mainly because they all made us go all soppy and go ahhhhhhhh a lot!!!!!
Darrell’s choice of sprout paper was inspired, but we are the first to admit that we are strangers to perfect gift wrapping, however we tried our best ……. and no major sticky tape malfunctions, such as losing the end ensued.
All that was then left was for us to do was to carefully take it in turns to sign the tag …..
……. and then pack it safely away for the big day ……. ahhhhhhhhhhh!


Mr. D said...

Great presents.
Well thought out and purchased.
Well done!

Anonymous said...

Those Christmas booties are beautiful! Dear baby Iris will be thinking of you every day when she wears those fun bibs.....your Uncle skills are admirable and you can rest easy on that score .....sprouts are popular in the US, but not always as part of the Christmas dinner.... the BIG day will soon be here!....Love from Dianne