Monday, 29 December 2014

Darrell And Nigel Attempt to Construct An Asda Rocky Road House

The PE Lady gave us an Asda Rocky Road House kit for Christmas, and it would have looked most rude if we did not “construct” it before the festive season was nigh……
…… and the honour to perform the task fell upon the shoulders of Darrell ably assisted by Nigel.
There was a lot of melting involved and so Darrell was able to combine the said melting with a full facial sauna!
Nigel’s first task was to coat some cones (faux Christmas trees) with some of the melted chocolate ….
…… for which he showed quite an aptitude …… however, after that things went a little awry.  Using the mould supplied to make the roof and walls of the house, then putting it all in the fridge to set  was no problem …. but the putting of the house together using the filled icing bag supplied was!!!!!!  Hence, several hours of tears, tantrums and several long showers to clean themselves up to start again, hence NO PHOTOS  (well, it would have been cruel to photograph them wouldn’t it amidst their culinary frustrations!) ……. It seemed that four hands helping to put the walls and roof together just wasn’t enough and the icing failed to cooperate, blobbing stiffly, rather than flowing romantically to produce cascades of realistic faux snow.
However, I have to give them it, Darrell and Nigel are capable of a great deal of tenacity and team work at times, especially when the end product involves food.
And, ok, so their house doesn’t look exactly like the house on the box ……
……. but from certain angles it is a very close call.
And despite a very, very sticky kitchen and a mountain of washing up …..
“The Boyz” done good …….
…… with only the keenest of eyes being to spot the dangerous crack and subsidence going on in the picture above!!!!
I am not sure when this wondrous creation will appear on our festive menu ……
….. I think I need to let them admire their handiwork a little while longer before suggesting that we finally tuck in …… but for now,  I don’t think Mary Berry has anything to worry about!!!


Mr.D said...

Well done for finishing.
I thought Nigel might have been tempted to eat the walls before it had been finished.

Anonymous said...

It does seem to have been a full scale constructon project but the end result is wonderful and so well worth it!.....A beautiful festive addition to Castle Greysquirrel .......Dianne

KraftyKaren said...

Awww that is so cute - well done boys!!

P E Lady said...

Well done boys!!!!! A GREAT attempt.