Sunday, 7 December 2014

Darrell’s Been Shopping

Darrell’s went clothes shopping yesterday of a festive type nature  ………making considered purchases for both for me and him ….
He says, that according to Hugh (his best friend and mentor, who lives the showbiz life in Notting Hill), that everyone, who is anyone in London, darling,  is dans le “Elfin Gear” this season, it’s sooooooo en trend in London that it’s gone black market gushed Darrell  ……no one can get hold of it, but would sell their granny to get it!!!!!!!!
But, in Wolverhampton, we are a bit behind the London trends, and so Darrell had managed to find us a couple of “Elfin Gear” tops, when he popped into a local retail park after work.
I have to admit, I wasn’t sure as he put my top up against me to see how it would look, but after a while, his bouyant mood and enthusiasm for all that is festive de rigueur got to me…….
…… and before I knew it, we were both divested ourselves of our top garments at the kitchen table (I know, soooooo common), to find ourselves clad in our new “Elfin Gear”
“Hmmmmm” mused Darrell “You know what we really need now?  …..
…….. Elfin boots to match! I wonder if they do any, and if they do, I wonder if they have any in our size?!!!!!”
Now, I don’t mind being a touch de rigueur seasonally, now and again, but elfin boots, there, I fear, I must draw the line!


Anonymous said...

Clever shopping - very smart boyz! Hope you find the boots! JantheFan x

Mrs A. said...

It's not the boots you need to worry about. We have the wretched elf in our house playing havoc! Hugs Norm.

Anonymous said...

What a lucky find ....... they are right on target for for de rigueur elfin wear ......they really do look perfect for this festive season!.....Dianne

Mr.D said...

Looking good.
Boots too?
Poor Nigel must be feeling left out.

marc said...

o boys i am green with elf envy such style i need one for my self i have marcs grandmum if you would like to swap big air kiss and panto wave hugh