Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Darrell Passes On Festive Traditions …..

A couple of the ladies in the office spotted something of seasonal interest in amongst Darrell’s shopping, when he got everything out of his bags onto his desk, in a panic when he thought he had lost his keys. The object of the ladies curiosity? Erm …… several rolls of erm …..festive toilet tissue!
Darrrell explained that it was an ingrained Castle Greysquirrel tradition that festive roll is always put in our bathrooms on the morn of Christmas Eve herald the beginning of our proper festivities …….
……. and as such, he had been to town before work to stock up, completely forgetting that this year our traditional Christmas was going to be a little different (but PLEASE not a word to Nigel, yet!) ……. so, he said, this year’s supply would have to be put away until next year. There was then a discernable buzz around the office, the ladies were obviously very taken with Darrell’s considered purchases and his romantic stories of family traditions …… and then they shyly asked  if they could perhaps take advantage of Darrell’s festive tissue faux pas and perhaps take his rolls off his hands, rather than leave it unused for another year ……
So, money changed hands ……. (and change was given, I hasten to add), and everyone was happy all round ….. and our family traditions passed on!!


Mr.D said...

Everyone is happy.
Yet another tradition.

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm most inquisitive as to what is going on for you all this Christmas - but wont breathe a word to Nigel of course! Loving the loo paper! JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

a Castle Greysquirrel decorating tradition passed on and soon to be appreciated by many as they view this festive tissue in their own homes..... Dianne