Saturday, 27 December 2014

The Best Christmas Ever …..

What can we say, Christmas in Evesham was just too wonderful for words, and even more special than we could ever have dreamt ……..
Everything looked sooo Christmassy ……
…. and sooooo romantic in a festive type way  ….
We were made to feel so welcome and   everyone remarked on how resplendent we all looked in our new, a la mode, designer wear of the latest USA style and how different we all looked out of our usual gay Christmas apparel.  And I have to admit even I am still very robustly taken with Darrell’s comfy, yet tres chic cardigan, if not a little style envious!!!!
Tom and The lovely Laura were both very genial and attentive hosts, with Mojitos and Cuba Libres served at eight on the dot each evening (pm time) for which we changed back into our Christmas clothes.
Our cocktails never failed to go down very smoothly, in fact Darrell remarked, most appreciatively, that his went down sooooo smoothly it hardly touched the sides!
And, our “cocktail hours” were accompanied by the aforementioned Lovely Laura playing the piano, which has to be the most  romantic thing that anyone has ever done for us at any Christmas time.
And there were presents for us all, in the morning from the Equally Lovely Denise …….
……. a bird house for Nigel to help him with his ornithology ……..
….. which made him go very quiet for quite a long time……
…… the gift of small screwdrivers for Darrell ……..
…for any project may that require the screwing of small things …….
…… and for me ……..
….. a hand crocheted key ring in the guise of a monkey, who bore a striking resemblance to Nigel.
We felt so blessed, but not in any Hello Magazine type way.  We had food that was continually off our Richter Scale of Christmassy comestible noms, we had unexpected presents and the company of all our relative family, BUT best of all was Baby Iris who held us all under her spell in wondrous captivity ……. whatever she did we could not help but cooooo, oooooooooo, ahhhhhhhh and sigh unashamedly  …… even her little burps (emanating from her top or bottom) and poos never failed a bring  a round of rapturous applause and admiration, and we, as you no doubt know, don’t generally applaud poos!!! 
We hope that your Christmas days were as special as ours …… and that you have special memories that will last a lifetime, just like us.


Mr.D said...

What a wonderful day.
Just a perfect day?
Drink mojitos in the lounge.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a perfect Christmas celebration for one and many gorgeous decorations the Christmas spirit must have been in full force .......Baby Iris gave her own special magic to make this a memorable day.....Happy Christmas from Dianne

PS two emails your way