Monday, 15 December 2014

Checking Up On The Opposition

With Nigel presently obssessed and totally absorbed in map reading, Darrell decided it might be a good idea to take him for tea and cakes at our local garden centre cafe, hoping that knowing how seriously Nigel takes his job as Sauce Rotator in Chief  in the school kitchen it might prove a welcome alternative distraction ......
…….taking into consideration that whenever Nigel is out and about, especially with the festive season now in full swing, he just cannot resist checking the sauce rotation of any establishment he happens to avail himself of to compare and contrast any new developments in the world of sauce rotation, with special interest in the realms of new trend condiments ...... heaven forbid he should miss any seasonal developments .... such of a cranberry and/or bread sauce in a sachet type nature
He may be becoming a bit of a a sachet sauce bore but at the present moment it is robustly preferable to his map reading and Christmas night angst!!!!!!!


Mr.D said...

Marmite sauce in a packet?

Anonymous said...

Brilliant idea there .....Nigel is always dedicated to his condiment responsibilities..... a diversion is just the ticket in such a worrisome situation ......Dianne