Friday, 5 December 2014

Darrell’s Mission Impossible Fails

Oh dear, despite Darrell’s best efforts to robustly divert Nigel’s attention ….. Nigel did eventually spot the “Big Bear” …… part of Year 7’s fundraising efforts for The Ebola Appeal …….
IMG_0001and yes, Nigel was also accosted by eager Year 7’s to name him and purchase several strips of raffle tickets to try and win him!!
IMG_0002 It was a rabbit caught in the headlights type moment, and I am afraid Nigel was not capable of putting up much resistance.
IMG_0003As I said the other day, The Big Bear is very, very big, and even Nigel couldn’t help wondering where he might be able to fit him in, in his bedroom ……
IMG_0005…… however, he mused,  such was his great size, perhaps he wouldn’t need his bed anymore as The Big Bear could afford him many cosy nooks and crannies to avail himself of!! Oh good grief!!


Mr.D said...

If he wins, good luck getting him up the stairs. (The bear, not Nigel.)
You may need a crane.

Anonymous said...

Big Bear would make a cozy sleeping nest!... getting him home might be a problem though ....would he fit on the Banga bus? Dianne


Anonymous said...

Oh the bear looks SO soft and cuddly - baby Iris will love him! JantheFan x