Saturday, 20 December 2014

Starbuck’s Egg Nog Latte, Our Festive Drink Of Choice.

We all very much appreciate a Starbucks Egg Nog Latte and have been availing ourselves of them copiously since they have been “released”, especially as they are only available for a few weeks in the year, we need, as they say, to make hay!
So yesterday  when Nigel said that he had been suddenly overwhelmed by the urge to indulge as he passed through town on his way back from work, Darrell and I knew exactly what he meant.
Usually a “Tall” eggnog is an ample sufficiency for Nigel, but on this occasion he decided to “go for” a Venti ……… which is absolutely MAHOOOOSIVE when compared to Nigel …..
……. and if either Darrell or I had been with him we would have tried to robustly dissuade him from his very large choice of size!
The first, second and third sip went down very acceptably, so acceptably that Nigel said that although he was nomming very appreciatively on the inside, he found he couldn’t nom out aloud, as he was too absorbed in said indulging!
By the fifth and sixth sip Nigel was feeling very, very satisfied…… and felt another urge, this time to pause for a while and nom ……. nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, almost as if in an eggnog induced hypnotic state.
The last part of his drink took Nigel a little longer to get down, to be honest, even by Nigel’s standards, I was surprised that he actually finished it.
……. but finish it he did …….. none was left for Mr Manners ……
…….. although when he arrived home I did have to put his tea in the microwave until a little later on, as he said he needed to let his indulgence to go down a little and he needed to change into some looser trousers!  What is he like?


Anonymous said...

AAAH, egg nog is one of the best holiday indulgences ever .....heavy on the calories but so worth it.....don't know if the latte has the same calories but still a must have treat! ....Dianne

Mr.D said...

The cup is so mahoosive in relation to little Nigel, I'm surprised the eggnog didn't run out of him before he got off the Banga bus.
I trust the eggnog isn't alcoholic. He would be staggering up the drive.