Sunday, 21 December 2014

Time To Write Our Letter To Santa

Last night, as there was no “X Factor”  and we don’t do “Strictly”, it was seemed like a most opportune moment to break open the festive Celebrations and write our letter to Santa …….. before Nigel spontaneously combusted!
I was the designated scribe and I immediately felt as if the burden of responsibility had fallen robustly on my shoulders, it was up to me to get the phraseology exactly right, so there was no chance that Santa could in anyway misconstrue what we were (politely) asking for!!!!
Nigel, being the youngest, and tangibly most excited was allowed to go first ……..
…….. asking for a bubble gum machine just like the ones he had seen in the shops on his way back home from work ……
Darrell was next, asking for an en trend and de rigueur t-shirt to wear on his next trip to London, or when he saw Hugh his best friend and mentor who lives the showbiz life in Notting Hill next.
And I also asked for the gift of clothes, this time a smart new shirt for going out and best …….
It was all very serious, heady and much considered stuff …….
When the letter was finally finished and we had all signed it at the bottom, we double all checked it, there were admittedly a few “typos”,  but I was nervous …… however, there weren’t enough to warrant my writing it all over again and we all thought it was clear and concise enough for Santa to get the gist!
All that was left to be done now was to send it up the chimney ….. to reach Santa with all good speed. Darrell had checked the wind conditions and speed with a licked finger and said that they were almost perfect for its safe passage.
There was nothing left for us to do now but continue with our final festive preparations and chillax a while, as the past few weeks had been pretty hectic!


Mr.D said...

Great gift ideas.
How do you know Santa is partial to a drop of Banks'? Bitter or Mild? (The ale, not Santa.)
Banks' - it ai the wus.

Anonymous said...

You know boyz you have set me thinking! Santa must be SO clever as he will get letters from children ALL over the world in ALL different languages - he must be able to read them all - what a man! JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

Whew, always a relief when this important letter is safely on it's way.....luckily Nigel was able to choose without full on mental distress ....that gum machine sounds like an excellent fun choice...the excitement builds! .....Dianne