Monday, 8 December 2014

Nom, Nom, Nom Of A Festive Kitchen Type Nature.

The Cook Lady’s much anticipated festive menu has finally been unveiled to the world …..
Naturally, working closely with The Cook Lady, Nigel has been under oath not to breathe one word about its contents for the past few weeks ……
……. but finally, seeing it in print and being able to discuss its aforementioned contents has made it all seem very real and from today it will be very much nom, nom, nom, all the way!
It’s going to be difficult to make a considered choice each day, but for me, well, it’s GOT to be the hot turkey bap with stuffing and bacon rolls,  Darrell, I think, will go for the Prancer’s Pizza with curly fries….
…… and Nigel will undoubtedly go for everything!  I just hope in all the excitement his condiments and complementary accompanying sauce sachets are all in order and in plentiful supply!


Anonymous said...

Boyz - Please put in an order for me for the hot turkey bap too - much anomm, nomm nomming and much ayumm yumm yumming from here. JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

The baps sound great to me too.

Di said...

Turkey baps all round for us too please

Love from Di, Hank and Marvin xx

Anonymous said...

now that's a menu anyone would love! .....going to be necessary to try each.....the menu presentation with the snowflakes is lovely too ......Dianne