Friday, 16 December 2016

A Most Wonderful Christmas Present From Florida.

We don’t usually open any Christmas presents until THE BIG DAY, but yesterday, when a parcel arrived from our very dear friend Dianne in sunny and romantic Florida, we knew we already had permission to delve and unwrap.
present from usa 2Opening Dianne’s parcel was emotional, to think it had travelled half way across the world to us and the last time it was open, it was in said romantic and very, very, very, warm Florida. They certainly won’t be dreaming of a white Christmas!
present from USa 3We opened Dianne’s card first which now it stands in pride of place on our festive shelves, for all to gaze upon with envy.
Christmas has from USAThen, we unwrapped our presents, and why  Dianne was so anxious that we opened her parcel when it arrived was revealed, because inside was a beautiful Christmas hat for Darrell and myself, each with a different festive badge on the faux fur trim so that we could tell whose was whose. We felt very special.  These hats were not going to leave our heads until the very end of the festive season (although we don’t really want to think about that at the moment).
Beary merry christmas small fryThen Nigel found his present, it was a new Christmas t-shirt with a little Santa charm sewn on.
Build a bear small fry christmas topI have to admit that he did look incredibly cute, even for Nigel!
gingerbread men from USAThere was also a big bag of gingerbread man cookies and, as the say in America, “candies”, which we are going to take to share with Hugh when we go to stay with him at his country pile in Worcester this weekend.  We might even do an impromptu  gingerbread man cookie review, if it’s not considered rude to review a gift.
we are so blessedChristmas has started early, and we are all feeling very blessed in a Hello Magazine type way. 
THANK YOU DIANNE, WE LOVE YOU WITH ALL OUR HEARTS and hope our present to you arrives soon too!


PharmacyMichele said...

What wonderful presents-you are all so lucky.


Anonymous said...

Oh Boyz - Dianne has chosen well - you look tres chic in those hats and Nigel looks super cool in that outfit. Gosh all those miles they are travelled - not many get gifts from across the pond at Christmas. You give joy across the globe. Janthefan x

Dianne said...

Always relieved when the package safely wings it's way across the water.....You all look wonderfully festive! Loved these velvety hats the minute I saw them and knew they were the perfect holiday accessory; of course Christopher was the perfect model so we were assured they were a great fit! dear Nigel always looks adorably perfect!..... .would you believe we are scheduled for 87F degrees on Sunday but then we cool down to low 80's and then really cool down to the high 70's!!!!!.....not to worry about our package; USPS can be a bit behind so we always know to adjust......will be thinking about your weekend with those special friends, Hugh and Marc, and wishing you the best of times.......sending love to all, Dianne

Mr.D said...

Great presents Dianne! Very thoughtful and the boyz wear them well.
(Sounds like a Rod the Mod song, Mrs. G.)