Wednesday, 21 December 2016

An Exclusive Festive Mums Monkey Photoshoot

Hugh has real life mistletoe growing in his garden, and if you ask us, you can’t get anything more festively romantic in a rural garden setting than that!
miseltoeBefore we left, Hugh suggested that we have an impromptu photoshoot, just for us, to remember our wonderful stay, and then Darrell suggested that we should incorporate a little of said mistletoe to give the “shoot” a true festive flavour, what is he like?
Festive friends Hugh said that he felt a little underdressed, festively, compared to us,  he’d completely forgotten to pack any of his Christmas jumpers. Normally he would  have just got his “man that does” to travel up to Worcester with them, but as he’d promised him two weeks off it wouldn’t have been right.Festive friendsTo be honest, it really didn’t matter what Hugh was wearing, the most important thing was that we were all together, and anyway, these pictures were strictly a Hello/OK Magazine free zone.
miseltoe and friends“Say …… Christmas pudding!” - Happy days, Happy memories!


Mr.D said...

I'm sure Hello/OK Magazines would pay a fortune for these snaps.
Make sure Nigel doesn't offer them to the highest bidder.

PharmacyMichele said...

What lovely photos, ones to keep in an album as a reminder of happy days.


Anonymous said...

Oh that these photos make me smile - the last one is just too wonderful for words - so I'll say nothing and grab my handkerchief - I have something in my eye. JantheFan x

Dianne said...

Lovely friendship photos; good times with good friends are the best....more unforgettable moments with country esquire Hugh and Marc.....special holiday fun,enjoy, Dianne

Dianne said...

PS Mistletoe is common in Florida......we have many varieties of oak with great clumps of mistletoe at the top......once upon a time schoolboys used to climb up to get it and sell it door to door!...Dianne