Wednesday, 28 December 2016

What A Revelation

Oh dear, poor Darrell, he was at a bit of a loose end yesterday afternoon so thought he might as well read the back of a large tube of Smarties …….
Smarties…… only to discover that seventeen of said Smarties is the recommended average daily portion for an adult. This doesn’t bode well ……..
Portion size of smarties equals 17…… as the tube that he and Nigel had polished off earlier in one go should have actually lasted them approximately 3 and a half days, portion size considered ……..
17 smarties……. AND seventeen Smarties is also the average that he and Nigel can usually fit in their mouths at once during games of confectionary dare! As I said, all does not bode well!


Mr.D said...

Fortunately, it is seventeen for an average adult human. It says nothing about monkeys. The average adult doesn't exist either. Anyway, at Christmastime, the rules don't apply.

There you go - plenty of excuses!

PharmacyMichele said...

Oh dear-best not to look at the small print, especially over Christmas. Eat, drink & enjoy-diets can start in January!


tilly said...

who on earth opens a tube of smarties and does not eat them all !! it can't be done lol
Tilly x

Anonymous said...

Someone always spoils the fun - just pretend you can't count Darrell. JantheFan x

Dianne said...

Looks like a challenge that won't go unnoticed by most Smartie devotees!....who can only eat a few of these favourites? ...have seen them in the US, but not all stores carry them..not to worry, this is going to be a fun challenge requiring Smartie dedication!.....Good luck and happy Smartie counting from Dianne