Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Hugh, Confectionary Host, Extraordinaire.

On our pre-Christmas stay with Hugh at his Worcester Country Pile, he has been the most wonderful host. He has thought of everything to make our visit so special, scented candles and rose petals in the bathrooms, hot water bottles in our beds, a different chocolate on our pillow each night. We have all felt totally overwhelmed by his attentiveness and all without his usual flotilla of staff!  We really are seeing a different Hugh to the usual showbiz Hugh, and we can actually understand most of what he is saying now!
Tucking into the Cadbury RosesLast night was no different, as we sat down to watch a full and robust evening of TV, he appeared with a tray laden with every one of our televisual watching confectionarys of choice……….
Tucking into the Christmas celebrations…….. Celebrations, Roses, Maltesers, Heroes, plus Pringles if we went all savoury ……..
Christmas clementines and satsumas……. as well as a most ample bowl of satsumas and clementines to make sure we could still adhere to our rigid 5 a day regime while we were away.
Christmas Cadbury Roses.And, as very appreciative guests, it would have looked sooooooo ungrateful and rude not to open every single box and indulge wholeheartedly for fear of offending Hugh, and making him think that he may have presented us with something we didn’t like.   No one could find fault with our manners or nomming abilities, I think, we ourselves, came close to being the perfect guests!!!!!!


PharmacyMichele said...

Wow-what a very generous host. I'm very glad to see the crates of satsumas(?) to balance out all the chocolate....!!!!


Dianne said...

How thoughtful of Hugh to provide fruit; he does think of his guests well-being! ..fantastic array of deliciousness for this memorable holiday visit!.......Dianne

Mr.D said...

I wouldn't have touched the satsumas but I would have finished everything else on my own!
Well done Hugh and Marc!