Saturday, 24 December 2016

It’s Christmas Eve

There’s a tangible and palpable feeling of magic in the air "Chez Nous”. I think I can safely say that we are all but ready for the Big Day tomorrow. Our stockings are hung, our chestnuts are well and truly roasted and the taxi’s are booked as we are going to Tom’s and The Lovely Laura’s for our Christmas lunch with cosmopolitan cocktails assured!  Lucy has arrived and all is well in the world.
Christmas Eve on the riverbank. 1However, there is one last thing we have to do, something we have thought an awful lot about over the past few weeks.  Back in the old days of The Castle we used to light a candle in the large lantern in the garden as it got dark on Christmas Eve.  It was our time to remember all the special people who wouldn’t be with us to share Christmas, and sadly, there are a few more names this year. 
Christmas Eve on the riverbank 2christmas eve on the riverbank 4
But, as we now find ourselves in new climes, we thought that perhaps it might be a good time to change that tradition. After a some debate (none heated), we decided that we would like to  a send a candle into the night on the river …….. not a real candle, as we were a bit frightened of setting fire to bulrushes or swans,  so we bought a battery operated one as a compromise.
christmas eve on the riverbank 3We tested that the candle would stay afloat when placed on a lid and then Darrell came up with an ingenious idea on how to get the candle into the water safely.Christmas Eve on the riverbank. 1The river bank was deserted, there was just the three of us and our memories. When we were all ready, Darrell lowered the candle in its lid into  the water with our large kitchen spoon ………..
battery tealight….. and then we watched it float slowly away.
Christmas Eve on the riverbank 2016We stayed for a while, until it was out of sight ……..
floating Candle Christmas Eve……..  taking a little of our hearts with it on its long, solitary journey into Christmas night.


Di said...

Aw bless you boys! Such a lovely idea - and clever use of the lid of a bumper box of 'ear wigs' too!

Wishing you and your Mum a very Merry Christmas - and may 2017 be a much better year in many ways. It's an absolute joy to pop in daily and see what you're up to - we missed you!!

Love and hugs

Di, Hank and Marvin xxx

Mr.D said...

A wonderful idea for a new tradition at "Riverside Towers."
Is that the new official name? I like it.
Enjoy your Christmas lunch with the family.

Mr.D said...

I notice in your "Come and have a natter" section, to the right, that Motor World Bilbrook have posted that the sheep are back in their Christmas window!

PharmacyMichele said...

What a lovely idea, the river looks so calm. We have horrendous weather here-Storm Barbara has just arrived!!


Dianne said...

Very happy to know this special tradition continues; memories with both tears and happiness as it makes it's way on the river. Very beautiful pictures of the candle ceremony ..... thinking of you and wishing all a wonderful Christmas Eve...Much Love, Dianne and Christopher

Mrs A. said...

Merry Chirsmtas to you all. Hugs Mrs A. and Norm.