Sunday, 25 December 2016

Christmas Morning 2016

Santa Stopped HereHe’s been, He found us  ……… and we were all on his “Good List”!
Santa stopped here 2016We are soooooooo very blessed in a totally Santa type way!Christmas Morning 2016Nigel woke us up at 4 o’clock, but, with a little gentle persuasion we managed to persuade him to go back to sleep until 7.30, something of a record.  We told him that it wasn’t always best to peak present wise too soon, if he could feel the rustle of our stockings on the bed, it was evident that Santa had been, so he could safely go back to sleep, to dream of the day to come, until a more civilised hour!
Build a  Bear tentBuild a Bear Tent..
Santa had bought Nigel his tent and naturally, he wants to go camping NOW, but we have explained to him that it wouldn’t be too sensible, especially  in the midst of winter,  however, as his tent isn’t too big we are sure we can find a few choice places in the next couple of days where he could pitch it safely indoors, both here and in Wolverhampton when we go partying.
Gold Lame Ugg BootsDarrell also found his much longed for gold lame, fur lined boots in his stocking. It was an emotional moment.  He says he will be coordinating them very carefully with his festive wardrobe over the next few days.  Me thinks we will be seeing more of Darrell’s boots than his face in photos.
Personalised MarmiteI couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that my jar of marmite had been personalised with my name.  How brilliant is that? It’s so very special.
EyeglassAnd finally, Santa also left us a  proper zoom in, zoom out eyeglass for our bird, squirrel, barge and generally being nosey spotting!
THank You SantaIt’s been another very special Christmas morning, we hope yours has been just as special.  HAPPY CHRISTMAS from us to you xxxxxx


Mr.D said...

Merry Christmas to mum, monkeys and those who enjoy Mum's Monkey blog!

Gertie said...
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Gertie said...

Have a wonderful Christmas xxxxx

PharmacyMichele said...

Merry Christmas Monkeys-I hope you all have a fabulous day. Your present look brilliant. Don't forget that you can eat & drink what you like at Christmas!!!


Pamela said...

Happy Christmas Monkeys!

Dianne said...

Santa did a wonderful job with those spectacular presents! ..WOW! Gold lame boots; Darrell is going to be a fashion leader for sure; Evesham is bound to notice as he strolls the riverwalk! ...Sending loving Merry Christmas wishes to one and all, Dianne

Ze Monkeys said...

Merry Christmas Monkeyfriends!!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see where tent gets pitched! I can't wait to see those gold lame fur lined boots a walking and can't wait to see that Marmite being spread on toast..........happy dayz. JantheFan x