Monday, 26 December 2016

Christmas Day 2016–A Culinary Triumph, Well Executed.

We have never hosted a Christmas meal before, we’ve usually been honoured guests, but a new bijoux, riverside home needs new traditions. I have to admit, our nervousness has never been so robust, but we decided to bite the festive culinary bullet and invited everyone round to us for Christmas lunch. It was emotional.
Tesco DeliveryTesco
Darrell took to the helm like a well oiled captain, organising a Tesco online order with a 9.00 – 10.00pm delivery slot  a few nights of nights ago.
Tesco delivery.We did have a couple of substitutions, but these didn’t phase Darrell, he said he could work round them, having “normal” Smarties, when three tubes of pink ones were ordered “ …..was a disappointing, but not of life changing order” he said philosophically.
The Works Christmas Chair BacksWhat Darrell didn’t do himself, he left to Nigel and I, and we were more than happy to go along with all he asked of us.
Tesco peeled sproutsLaying a table and arranging serviettes and crackers and unbagging sprouts were part of Nigel’s duties and I was put in charge of keeping on top of the washing up down so that the kitchen didn’t look like an explosion in a sprout factory at the end of the day.
Christmas Kitchen .Christmas preparation
I have to say it all went like clockwork (Darrell, bless him, had created a festive spreadsheet for all jobs that had to be done and their exact timings) and, I have to say, watching Saturday Kitchen with Hugh during our recent stay also helped.  Hugh certainly had a lot of very useful top tips, especially those involving sprouts and stuffing balls.
Festive CrumbleReflecting at the end of the day our greatest triumph had to be our Festive Foraged Fruit Crumble, for which we could all claim some small part with happy memories of the summer when we all went foraging for blackberries and plums by the river with Darrell proudly swinging the wicker basket he had always dreamed of having for country pursuits!  What is he like?  
Festive foraged Fruit CrumbleThe said crumble went down very easily, accompanied by proper custard, and plans of what we can do with our foraged fruit next year, and Darrell wondering aloud if he could launch his own range of exclusive riverside chutneys and jams!
IMG_9976christmas washing up done and dusted
When all our guest had left, full and not a little merry, and the kitchen returned to normality we settled down with a festive tub of Celebrations  to watch Love Actually, our festive film of choice, and a little bottle of something I had secreted in the fridge.
festive reward……… if this Christmas was anything to go by, it bodes most excellently for many more Christmas’s to come in the future!  Happy Days.


Mr.D said...

"Darrell took to the helm like a well oiled captain." Darrell - well oiled? I hope not!
The Festive Foraged Fancy Free Fruit Crumble sounds excellent. Mrs D and I watched Love Actually on Christmas Eve night, and we enjoyed it.
Well done to one and all!

PharmacyMichele said...

Everything looks totally controlled-glad to hear it all went well on the day. Hope there's lots leftover to eat today.


Anonymous said...

A most perfect festive lunch guyz - well done. I need to take some tips, I was worn to a frazzle in my kitchen. JantheFan x

Dianne said...

Darrell's organization is a wonder and he kept his cool through it all!......he's a party planner by nature! Lovely Christmas decorations for this special festive dinner......May there be many Happy Christmas times in this riverside abode!.....Merry Christmas wishes, Dianne