Thursday, 8 December 2016

Darrell Has A Bit Of An Epiphany

Back at his hotel, Darrell got up really early and straight down to breakfast, his Chinese buffet from last night fully digested. He was a “monkey on a mission”, he had a bit of shopping to do in the Bull Ring and then he wanted to get straight home.
Birmingham Bull RingHe may have hit town early but OMG, there were already too many people about for his liking. Darrell thanked goodness he only needed a couple of things, because with all these crowds milling around, in what seemed to him to be in a completely unstructured way and getting under his feet in the process was seriously doing his head in!
christmas CrowdsHe couldn’t get way quick enough, he had, he said “ …… to leave metropolis” …….
Christmas Shopping Treasure…… and get back to Evesham ASAP. As he sat on his train, humming "Travelling Home for Christmas" and clutching his much considered purchases, Darrell was determined that he would not be venturing anywhere big again, until Christmas was all over.
In the cosy and reassuring old fashioned atmosphere of CafĂ© Loco at Worcester Shrub Hill Station,  the brouhaha of the Pret a Manger (or as Nigel calls them “Away In A Mangers”), Micasa Burritos and Delice de France of New Street suddenly seemed a million miles away and Darrell, now calm, had a bit of an epiphany …….. perhaps he was changing from the city slicker he once aspired so hard to be, to someone who looked forward to watching Countryfile on a Sunday evening, after tea!!!!  What is he like?


Dianne said...

The bright lights of the city may be fun short term, but when one has a lovely riverside flat with interesting happenings outside the door, well, it's no contest! Ahhhh, the pleasures and comforts of home......Sending love, Dianne

marc said...

o darling you and i are like peas in a pod i have taken to life in the country
and when i have to be in london one cant wait to get back to were ones neighbors are just a few domestic and wild animals and more than 10 humans is a mega crowd big show biz wave hugh

PharmacyMichele said...

I think Darrell is turning into a country boy!!


Anonymous said...

I would be wishing to be at home if I lived with the view Darrell has - shopping holds no sparkle for me either. JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

I used to cycle down New Street but it is now pedestrianised.
Happy memories.