Friday, 23 December 2016

It’s That Time Of Year Again …… (Drum Roll)….. To Write Our Letters To Santa

If Nigel asked “Is it time yet?”, once yesterday, he must have asked a hundred times. Just what didn't he understand about “We’ll do it after we’ve washed up after tea” is a mystery to me,  perhaps he thought that if he pestered me long enough, we would do “it” a bit earlier, just to get him off my back. Well, it didn’t work!
Writing our letters to SantaAnd the “it”? As if you haven’t guessed, as the BIG day approaches, is the writing of our letters to Santa.  With the last plate was dried and put away, we finally put pen to paper. There was a bit of erring and ahhhing,  this was our final, final decision, once the letters had gone, there would be no turning back!!!
Monkey2017 letter to Santa
I asked for some Marmite, as I am a bit worried that the price may go up now because of Brexit, I don’t want to be guilty of stockpiling it, I just want to have a pot or two in hand, just in case.  I also asked if we could share in a pair of binoculars. The other day Nigel swore blind that he had seen a lesser crested, long tailed woodpecker, but it was too far away to be absolutely sure (and he had forgotten his bird spotting book), so some binoculars might help to prevent some of our more heated debates.
letter to santa 1Darrell
Darrell has asked for some boots, I think he set his heart on a pair that he saw them in Selfridges in Birmingham, when he went to see Rod.  Goodness only knows what they look like, but I think they have been the main topic of conversation between him and Hugh, during their mammoth telephone calls.
NigelLetter to santa from Nigel
And Nigel?  He has asked for a tent! He wants to go on “grand adventures” in the fields beyond the bridge, at the end of the path.  I have said that it might be a while before it is warm enough to camp outside,  but unperturbed, he said that perhaps, if no one on the top (3rd) floor of our block minds, he could camp up there to practice camping at altitude, bless him.
Letters to Santa 2017I think we are all still a little bit worried about Santa finding us,  so as a precaution Darrell has already taken the liberty of sending the new people at our old house a Christmas card, asking if they could leave a note for Santa with theirs, just reminding him that we’ve moved …… about an hour away by sleigh, as the reindeer flies!  What are we like?


Dianne said...

AH, The all important Letter .....sounds like excellent choices! .....binoculars are perfect with birds, swans and general riverside happenings just outside.....riverside camping is going to bring all sorts of Nigel adventures! Better safe than sorry on the Marmite front......another successful Christmas letter!!....Happy day before the day before Christmas, Dianne

Anonymous said...

Oh My Goodness - these letters are just marvellous. Santa will be SO impressed. I'm sure he will do his best to give you what you wish for. I'm sure he will know of your new humble abode. JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

Great letters. Has Nigel's spelling improved a little?
You could buy one marmite per day - not really hoarding, but saving for another day.