Monday, 5 December 2016

Nigel’s Monday Mornings

On Monday mornings Nigel usually goes with Iris and Bertie to the library for “Music, Rhythm and Rhyme”, always meeting first at The Brew Bear for a cup of tea and a slice lemon drizzle cake.
singing in the libraryI understand there is much full bodied and robust singing (especially from Nigel) and that he is getting quite adept at ringing his bells, shaking his maracas, and banging on the drum, but sometimes, he gets a little too enthusiastic and has to be reminded that it’s the children who should really chose the songs and sit at the front for story! 
However, the bestest bit of all, for all of them, is the switching on of the bubble machine at the end of the session, where everyone is invited to go over and “pop those, pop those, pop those bubbles”, it’s always a magical library based moment.
IMG_9242Afterwards, if you are not quite ready to go home, you can always stay and do a bit of colouring.  Bertie isn’t quite ready for such activity yet, so generally has a bottle, while Nigel and Iris do said colouring.
IMG_9243After each Music Rhythm and Rhyme session you can get your special card stamped. When your card is full you can choose a dvd free for a week.  Nigel always makes sure his card is stamped. At the moment he is very keen on Peppa Pig, though he strenuously denies that they are anything other than for sharing with Iris when she comes round, but I think he doth protest too much!!!! What is he like?


Roni said...

Sounds like a fun filled day!! I love to pop me a bubble or two!

Big hugs
Roni :D xox

Mr.D said...

Sounds great. I want to go. Libraries have certainly changed since I was a kid. (No, the books weren't written on parchment or vellum!) You had to be quiet.

PharmacyMichele said...

The Musical session at the Library sounds fun-no wonder Nigel enjoys them. Has he started making his Christmas cards yet?


Dianne said...

Library fun times are the best and a weekly guarantee to make your day special.......Nigel is blazing a trail for Iris and Bertie to follow !....Love love bubble machines; how can you not be happy when all those bubbles fill the air? the US libraries are sometimes referred to as media centers because so many come for the computers or DVDs.........Dianne

Anonymous said...

'Traditional' libraries are a thing of the past - guess we all have to move with the times. A bubble machine in my day would have been space age technology. Happy days - AND I see Mr D is back - oh goody! JantheFan x