Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Darrell Treats Himself, Then Pines For The Avon.

Since we have moved, we haven’t enjoyed the pleasures of a Chinese take-away. Back in our old village we had Jade House across the road, but in Evesham it would be a 20 minute walk there and the same back, so, as of yet, we have been abstinent.
Birmingham Ferris WheelBut, while Darrell was in Birmingham for Rod, he thought that it would look most rude not to visit China Town and treat himself to a full and varied Buffet meal.Chinese Chicken BallsIt did not disappoint. He tried a little bit of everything, three times, and then visited the pudding station twice, having one of everything (twice) and then realised that he had to walk back to his hotel and walking in a meaningful manner was beginning to feel a little erm, awkward, so he decided it best not to go round again, his favourite puddings from the first two trips would have to remain where they were, untouched.  What is he like?
Yuk sungHe also had to leave the particularly impressive cake untouched too …..Confectionary Castle Ming Moon…… it was so big Nigel wouldn’t have known whether to eat it or live in it.
Ming MoonIt took Darrell quite a while to get back to his hotel, but the nip in the cold December air helped his dinner go down and from his room on the 19th floor he was rewarded with a spectacular fairytale view over Birmingham.
Holiday Inn  BhamThe cranes added a certain frissant, but beautiful though it was in a cityscape sort of way, Darrell was beginning to miss “his” river, ducks and barges.
HOuse BeautifulSo, he decided to turn in with the latest copy of House Beautiful, his magazine of choice and in the morning would head back to Evesham, a little earlier than planned, after a wee bit of secret shopping!


PharmacyMichele said...

Goodness-Darrell certainly has a very good appetite!


Dianne said...

Oh my, what a fantastic buffet.....who wouldn't get carried away and want one of everything......that cake is amazing, who could cut that?....special getaway with Rod, but home calls with all it's romantic riverside charm......weekend to remember......decor ideas are probably swirling nonstop for Darrell!....Love, Dianne

marc said...

we love a good all you can eat buffet big love marc

Anonymous said...

WoW - what a cake! Secret Shopping........mmmmmm JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

Birmingham, where I went to university and, years later, where I went to loads of classical concerts and operas.

That cake looks far too good to cut.

Secret shopping? Sounds intriguing.