Thursday, 29 December 2016

No, We Don’t Need Any New En Trend Trends!

Darrell was in the Evesham Masonic Hall to pick up some leaflets for erm…… Slimming World, when he noticed something he had never heard of, let alone seen before despite all his mentoring from Hugh, Zee Grand Master of Zee New En-Trend Trend…….
en trend vanity curtains……. Vanity Curtains!
vanity curtains 1I fear the worst.  Darrell has already been on the phone to Hugh ……..
vanity curtainsI don’t care how big a bubbling trend they are, we have only just had Dunelm blinds fitted throughout, they will just have to bubble under! And if we did have them, what’s the betting that Nigel would almost certainly attempt to draw them with disastrous consequences!


Mr.D said...

Draw the whole thing to a close. Otherwise it may be curtains for Darrell, at least.

PharmacyMichele said...

I hope Hugh can explain as I've never heard of Vanity curtains!!


Dianne said...

whoa! something new on the horizon to intimidate us into making new purchases! ...I will definitely pass on this one! .... after a talk with Hugh, I am certain Darrell will "see the light"!....Evesham must be on the cutting edge of all the latest trends......sending love, Dianne