Saturday, 17 December 2016

Christmas Is A Roaring Open Fire.

We were all up bright and early this morning to catch the train Worcester bound  to spend a few days with Hugh at his county pile before the Christmas festivities kick off for real.Evesham stationDarrell and Nigel were like bottles of pop, they were so excited. The train was bang on time, as was our taxi  for the final bit of our journey …..
Hugh…… and before we knew it, there was Hugh coming to greet us….. just as himself, no foreign accent, no showbiz air kisses, no flamboyant flounces or feather boas and not a sequin in sight.  This was a side of  Hugh rarely seen except by his very closest of friends, and we felt truly blessed.
Chestnuts roasting on an open fireIn his snug there was a roaring fire, it was so romantic. Hugh had made it all himself, even chopping the logs, but stopping short of digging for the coal, which had been delivered the day before by the coalman.  It really was beginning to feel like Christmas and we all began to feel very mellow.
Chestnuts roastingTo be honest, we didn’t do an awful lot more than that, we just sat by the fire, embracing it’s warm glow, occasionally throwing on another log, catching up on all our news …….  suddenly our normal lives seemed a million miles away!


Mr.D said...

How wonderful to Hugh and mum to see Marc.
Don't sit too close to that fire boyz - roasted nuts anyone?

PharmacyMichele said...

After all the excitement of the traveling, sitting in front of an open fire sounds wonderful.


Anonymous said...

Bliss..........JantheFan x

Dianne said...

Country gentleman Hugh is a charmer!.....Lovely fireside images that are the perfect way to enjoy Christmas.....and how romantic to reach this heavenly destination by train......we can see this is already a special holiday weekend with comfort and joy all around......Loving holiday wishes to everyone, Dianne