Thursday, 15 December 2016

An Untold Prophecy Revealed As We Gather To Write Our Christmas Cards.

Yesterday morning was another one of those, “… can’t really be a year since …..” moments, as we sat down to write our Christmas cards. 
Monkey Christmas Card 2016This time, last year  we could never have imagined, as we were sat sitting in the kitchen table of our beloved Castle, cards, envelopes, pens and stamps  at the ready, where we would find ourselves sitting to do it in 2016, everything then was just a nugget of an idea
IMG_7170_thumb[2]But then ……. when we looked back at the pictures from last year (above & below), we had the most spooky Derek Acorah moment ever, all the hairs on our collective arms (and legs) began to stand on end and we all went very, very tingly, because the pictures held an untold prophecy …… of our future …… in the guise of ……. the robins…..
IMG_7174[4]……for, it can now be revealed that we live in Robin’s Corner, built on the old Evesham Football Ground ……and Evesham Football Club are known as The Robins!  We were all so spooked out that we had to have a medicinal, festive hot chocolate, with a splash of Bailey’s, marshmallows and sprinkles to calm our nerves. We now wonder if we looked back through all our other pictures from 2015 what else might have been unconsciously foretold.
IMG_9399…… and in December 2017, when we look back, what will this years pictures disclose……..
writing our christmas cards 2016…… time for another hot chocolate I think, it’s all a bit too spooky to contemplate.


PharmacyMichele said...

I think the discovery about the location & names is a sign! Good luck writing all your Christmas cards.


Dianne said...

Fortuitous indeed! the best kind of all came together perfectly; exactly as it was meant to be......the home of the heart just waiting for all look spiffy in your new gear from the one and only Jan!

Anonymous said...

Boyz your adventures know no bounds - it has indeed been quite a journey for you all this year. It has cheered me to see you all back to your bountiful selves - giving joy to all. MERRY CHRISTMAS in a Derek Acorah type of way. JantheFan x
p.s. I have to say Boyz do look rather fetching in your new outfits!

Mr.D said...

Robin's nest? Spooky.
When the red red robin comes bob bob bobbin' along.
Looking good with JtF's presents.