Sunday, 18 December 2016

Christmas Just Got More Wonderful For Nigel

Hugh did something so wonderful for Nigel yesterday, that it’s hard to talk about it even now. It was one of those magical moments that takes a couple of days to get over.knitted nativityHugh disappeared for a little while after elevenses, and then quietly called Nigel into the breakfast room, as there was something special he wanted him to see……..
Knitted nativity.…….. and when Nigel saw that something special, you could have heard a pin drop.
knitted nativity 1Hugh knew just how much Nigel was missing his beloved knitted nativity and so had commissioned the mother of his “lady what does” in London to knit one for especially him, as she was a most excellent knitter.
knitted nativity 2IMG_9811
All the characters were there, Hugh said, except for the camel, as his lady what does’s mother had mislaid her pattern and there wasn’t enough time to order another one and then knit a camel in time for our visit.
IMG_9816As I said before, it was a very emotional moment.
Hugh.....Hugh had done something so wonderful for Nigel, that even Nigel later doubted that Father Christmas himself could come close to topping this for him.  From the way Nigel looked at Hugh, words weren't really needed.  Nigel’s face and the tear that he tried so hard not to wipe away for fear someone would notice it, said it all.  THANK YOU HUGH, YOU’RE SOMEONE VERY VERY SPECIAL xxxxxx


Mr.D said...

Well done Hugh and Marc!

PharmacyMichele said...

OMG-what a truly amazing gesture. Even I feel a little emotional-lucky, lucky Nigel.


Pamela said...

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! A true friend indeed and well done to lady what does' mother.

Dianne said...

Father Christmas will never be able to top this beautiful, loving gesture! It is a really fabulous scene of knitting perfection.....much Christmas enjoyment ahead for Nigel thanks to dear friends Hugh and Marc!......Fantastic weekend this is.....Love to all, Dianne

marc said...

it was tears and hugs and more hugs and then more hugs what is a boy to do big love Hugh

Anonymous said...

Emosh here Boyz - how magnificent - all you need now is a MotorWorld Window looky likey in the house, tell MuM. JantheFan x
p.s. does his 'lady what does' do commissions? I have always wanted a nativity myself!