Saturday, 3 December 2016

We’ve Made Our Festive Beds So We Are Jolly Well Going To Lie In Them.

After last year and the introduction of another new tradition, Christmas, just wouldn’t be Christmas now without our festive bedding.
Santa Christmas BeddingIt’s something that in the past we haven’t really dabbled with, but now, with Darrell knowing all things of a festive “trending” nature, it would just be rude for Santa, on Christmas Eve, to find us wanting in the duvet department.
festive beddingBut, after making up our Christmassy beds, Darrell got a bit flouncy with me in an American Tango type way, saying he didn’t think he was ready for the grand reveal, as there were a million and one other little things he needed to do to give our bedrooms that “certain feeling of festive anticipation”.
Christmas Nordic style bedding Well, I am sorry, but I was having none of it, we don’t need a festive prima donna in our midst, so I told him very firmly to “JUST CHILL” and get under the covers with me and Nigel and have five minutes.


PharmacyMichele said...

Goodness-Darrell seems to feeling the festive pressure early. Let's hope it's just a temporary blip.


Dianne said...

Being a true artist, Darrell will have a constant flow of ideas! Your Santa linens are Christmas to the max and bound to impress......can't help but have lots of lovely Christmas dreams while snuggled up there......first those gorgeous trees and now perfectly appointed bed linens; "it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas" with all your halls tastefully decked! Guess I better get going, still have mini pumpkins on the table.......sending holiday best wishes, Dianne

Anonymous said...

Just how can I not get excited for Christmas when reading this boyz? Festive bedding dept. here I come. JantheFan x

Mrs A. said...

Well they both look very comfy beds. Hugs Norm and Mrs A.

marc said...

Darrel my darling boy i know its all go and i feel your art but one must only have 3 diva dramas a day other wise the mer people get a bit hissy with one count to 10 have a little baileys coffee and then start again big show biz wave and air kiss Hugh

Mr.D said...

Looking good!
Mind you, I didn't think Santa went into bedrooms.