Thursday, 22 December 2016

Christmas Wouldn’t Be Christmas ….. Without Toasting Your Crumpets

roaring fireLast night was our last evening with Hugh before we returned to Evesham and Hugh flew out to St Barts in the Caribbean for Christmas, so it was a no brainer when Hugh threw another log on to the fire, broke open the crumpets and brandished his toasting fork!
toasting crumpets on the fire in worcesterIt was so festively romantic it was almost impossible …..
crumpet toasting 1crumpet toasting
……… if Bing Crosby had just strolled into Hugh’s snug, casually singing White Christmas, I don’t think any of us  would have batted an eye, (however, if Derek Acorah had been with us, he and Sam might have got very excited!).
 toasting crumpets 2toasting crumpets
I think we might have noticed if Cliff Richard had tried to sneak in singing Minestrone and Wine, as we are not overly keen on him, but we would have just politely proffered him a crumpet and hoped he’d go!
toasting crumpets on the fireIt was such a lovely way to end our break, hot butter running unabandoned down our chins …….. crumpets have never tasted so wonderful.
toasting crumpets on a roaring fire…….. It was an evening that will stay with us for many years to come, in more ways than “nom”.


Mr.D said...

Did you toast your buns too?
What a wonderful way to end your visit.
You have my mouth watering, plus a little envy.
No crumpets to be found anywhere in Mexico.
I want lots of crumpets NOW!!!

PharmacyMichele said...

Boys-you do have some lovely times with your friends. Perfect photos for a scrapbook, if you were to start one.


Dianne said...

Oh my, does that all look wonderful!!....warm toasted goodness with lots of butter all in the most perfect cozy Christmas setting ..... this would be a special time any winter love the pictures that give us a glimpse of this holiday visit.....Love to all, Dianne

Anonymous said...

I would have quite liked it if George Michael had appeared singing, Last Christmas.........I can but life in hope...........
Crumpets are nice with a bit of melted cheese on top too - but I've never toasted my crumpets the way you have done yours - yum! JantheFan x