Sunday, 3 October 2010

An Abundance of Edible Gifts

As we often say, people are so generous to us and yesterday we were literally showered with edible gifts …..
Terry's Chocolate Orange
Tom, the Forensic Scientist sent us a Terry’s “Volcanic Popping Candy” chocolate orange, asking for our scientific opinion, Auntie Jan came over with some Cadbury “Dead Heads” also wanting a “Confectionary Review” ……..
A large cucumber
…… And Jules the Music Teacher at the Girls’ School gave us a cucumber! It was surplus to her requirements, as her lovely neighbour, who grows them, had given her five! “Knowing your commitment to your 5 a day” she said “I knew you would appreciate one of my five cucumbers”
How brilliant is that?  So, we have decided to review it ….. Measuring 29cms  and with a circumference of 15 cms Jules neighbour’s cucumber was very firm and the skin was smooth with no knobbly bits or deep ridges.
cutting a cucumber
Darrell, under my watchful eye, cut the cucumber.
Cutting our cucumber
….. He has never cut a cucumber before so it was a very proud moment and a sort of right of passage for him.
Eating cucumber
Darrell decided he would like to eat his part of the cucumber like a piece of fruit, which he described as “Refreshing and crisp, with a taste that only comes from a lovingly tended home grown vegetable”
Cut cucumber
I, on the other hand sliced mine and then tried to make batons, but not very successfully and as I watched Darrell gnaw on his chunk of cucumber I was glad that I’d saved the end bit of mine to do the same.
Picture 557
Nom, nom, nom, nom, nom. We have to say Jules’ neighbour does grow exceedingly good cucumbers.


Jenny said...

Good choice for review! Hope you polished it all of!

Mr.D said...

The English Commonwealth relay teams could make use of your batons when training. Mmmm Chocolate Orange, another for your five a day.

Monkey said...

Hi Jenny ..... it's all gone! We had DairyLea and cucumber sandwiches, nom, nom, nom!

Darrell said...

We are reviewing out exploding chocolate orange on Wednesday Mr D