Monday, 25 October 2010

An Unexpected But Joyous Night Out With Auntie Jan

I don’t think that Darrell will mind me interjecting in between his Advertent Holiday posts, but I couldn’t wait to impart news of a wondrous personal occasion for me…..
Ross Noble 4
I think Auntie Jan realised how much I was missing Darrell and wanted to buoy up my spirits.
Ross Noble 5
And sent me this most mysterious text.
Ross Noble 6
Not being one to argue, I made sure I was sat, with my coat, on the stairs, ready, by 6.30, wondering where we were going. I didn’t take my eyes off the door until Auntie Jan arrived.
Picture 741
When we were in the car Auntie Jan announced that we were going to see Ross Noble, my comedy hero!  Can you imagine how hard my heart was pounding in my chest? Auntie Jan knowing I was a little emotional offered me a tissue and a Werthers Original.
I am sorry but the next few photos are not too good, the lights were down and really, we weren’t supposed to take any pictures in the auditorium……..
Ross Noble 1
But me and Auntie Jan couldn’t resist just a couple of  sneaky pics.
Ross Noble 3
The backdrop was BRILLIIANT, it was a huge blow up model of all the things that Mr Noble has talked about in his various shows, like a fantastical bouncy castle. I wonder what he will do with it after his tour is finished  ….. it would look great in my bedroom. Would it be too bold of me to enquire whether I could have first dibs on it, rather than it go in a skip?
Ross Noble 2
After the show, I was overwhelmed to be able to sit, all be it surreptitiously, on the stage where Mr Noble had just trod.  Auntie Jan said that if anyone asked what we were doing, we should say “Que?”, look dumb and shrug our shoulders in a puzzled type way.
Ross Noble 10
I had a wonderful night and laughed so much my stomach was sore and shall always treasure my flyer.
Ross Noble 9
I went to bed feeling very, very blessed in a Hello and OK Magazine type way.

Thank you Auntie Jan, if I get a chance, I hope to take you to see Take That one day xxxx


Anj said...

Oh Monkey .... what a lucky monkey you are..... love x x x

El Señor D. said...

Maybe Auntie Jan didn't tell you earlier because you couldn't have coped with the excitement. Did you have a ticket or did you sneak in? Your Spanish needs a little work - it should have been "¿Qué?"