Monday, 18 October 2010

Darrell’s Advertent Sun £9.50 Holiday in Mudeford – Part 3

Picture 647
Lucy had a text from Monkey, saying that he was a bit disappointed that he didn’t win the leather bikers jacket he had set his heart on on e-bay – his maximum bid £4.99 but it went for £9.99 (plus P & P), so he is considering the one he saw on Tesco Online.  I think I will try to find him an extra specially nice present from my advertent holiday to help to lift his spirits a bit.
The holiday park is right on the beach and a very short walk from Mudeford Quay. The tide was high and choppy, but it was everything Monkey said it would be, only even better.
Picture 705
I could watch the sea all day and would never get bored because each wave is different.
I liked looking at all the fishing baskets and wondering about all the creatures that had been caught in them.  To be honest they whiffed a bit, but that’s nature I suppose ….. smells and stuff.
Picture 699
I also liked looking at the boats and would have loved to have gone on a little trip across to The Head, but Lucy is not overly fond sea travel, “I’ve seen Jaws” she said “And NOTHING would persuade me to get in one. The Pleasures of Neptune's Watery Gardens will forever be a mystery to me because of that Steven Spielberg bloke and his “derrrrr de, derrrrr de”!” she added with uncharacteristic venom.
Picture 700
Another time perhaps …… and with hindsight,  seeing as I can be a martyr to my travel sickness, the strong undulations of the waves, coupled with Lucy’s seafaring reluctance could all be read as a timely Derek Acorah type moment.
Picture 703

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Mr.D said...

Babies, cats, dogs and parrots go free but what about Monkeys? From where did you take the second photo? Did you go up on a kite?