Friday, 29 October 2010


Monkey and Me
It’s lovely to have Darrell back home, I’ve really, really missed him.
Holey Stone
He had so much to show and tell me, like his magic holey stone.
Magical Holey Stone
I shall be listening to what he says very carefully from now on, waiting to see if he has any spooky Derek Acorah moments.
Picture 689
And I loved the presents he gave me, they were very thoughtful and I was emotional.
Ship in a Bottle Picture
He had bought me a ship in the bottle globe and a crabbing bucket……. I am thrilled.
Mudeford Quay
He also showed me his Mudeford Quay badge, which he said he had worn every day since he bought it, even on his pyjamas.
Picture 691 
He had such a wonderful time ….. which is very fortuitous, as I have another little surprise that I will impart to him in a day or twos time, unless his psychic powers kick in and he has a spooky moment of prophesy! ……

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Mr.D said...

Show and tell - sounds like an American primary school. At least we can see the size of the holey stone in relation to other items. I have no idea who Derek Acorah is. Am I missing out? Is my life incomplete without this information?