Friday, 15 October 2010

Darrell’s £9.50 Sun Holiday To Mudeford

Darrell off on his Sun Holiday

Darrell was so excited about going on his Sun Holiday that he sat on the stairs with his case, waiting for the car, for at least an hour.  He didn’t say much, he just hummed little tunes to himself and smiled like a Cheshire Cat.

Darrell off on his Sun £9.50 holiday Mudeford

When he eventually got into the car he looked so small and I felt a little emotional.

Sun £9.50 Holiday 2010

I must have checked his seat belt was properly fastened at least ten times.

Sun £9.50 Holiday

I made sure he had his eye spy game and then it was time to say goodbye.

Waving Goodbye to Darrell

I’m missing him already.

Waving Darrell of on his Sun Holiday

I hope he has a lovely, lovely time.

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Mr.D said...

I know they do child seats for cars - do they do Monkey seats? Who are the "they" that everyone talks about? Did Darrell leave at midnight on Thursday? If so, how come it isn't dark? Hmmmm.