Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Our Apologies

There has been a bit of a debate going on regarding the identities of Auntie Jan and Jan The Fan. People have been going up to Auntie Jan in Tesco and asking if she is “Jan the Fan” and Jan the Fan has been plagued in Asda by people asking her how her “Lovely nephews" are!
             Auntie Jan                           Jan The Fan
It’s quite easy to tell them apart, when you know how.
Auntie Jan and Jan the Fan are in fact two different people, Auntie Jan is our Auntie, the sister of our “Mum” and Volunteer Extraordinaire. Jan The Fan is a lovely, lovely lady we’ve only “met” via the magic of the Interweb and our blog …. she is extremely kind to us and sends us Fan Mail and presents, which makes us feel quite famous in a Z List Celebrity type way. 
  Monkey Darrell 
People sometimes get Darrell and I mixed up, but it’s easier now since Lilibet sent us our badges and, if we’re are not wearing them, Darrell is usually the one with food round his face, like in his picture above (cottage pie, peas, carrots and gravy I’m afraid).  What is he like?


Mr.D said...

I'm sure I'd recognise both walking down the street - they are silhouettes with no discernable features. Mind you, if it were dark, I may have a bit of bother.

Junie said...

The only time I would not recognise Auntie Jan and Jan the Fan was if I was in a dark room with them !!!