Thursday, 7 October 2010

Operation Christmas Child

Auntie Jan’s Brownies, the 33rd MOD Stafford Brownie Pack are making up shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child and we’ve decided to get involved too.
Operation Christmas Child 1
Darrell is filling his Christmas Shoebox  for a girl aged between 10 –14 years old, so far he has put in, among other things, some socks, toothpaste and toothbrush, a skipping rope and a notebook.
Picture 554
My shoebox is going to be for a boy of the same age and so far I have put in some sweets, a flannel and soap, socks and some balloons, but we are sure we can find a lot more other stuff to put in too.
Operation Christmas Child 3
We are so very, very lucky, to be honest we have too much, not only at Christmas but all the year round. We got a bit emotional when Auntie Jan told us that some children have NOTHING and that something very simple, that we take for granted, like warm socks will be appreciated in more ways than we can ever imagine.
childbox operation_christmas_child_1_400x300
We’ve got until 9th November to collect our stuff and to decorate our boxes in a festive fashion ….. we think we might put in a couple of photographs of us in too.


Mr.D said...

We do a caja de zapatos con regalos para niños pobres. You are like film stars if you put photos of yourselves in the box.

Junie said...

What a fantastic thing to do !! HUGS from Harris !!! Who managed to get a winter fleece for £1.49 in Asda