Saturday, 16 October 2010

Darrell’s Advertent Sun £9.50 Holiday in Mudeford - Part 1

When we arrived in Mudeford it was dark, and I was very tired. Monkey’s Eye Spy Game kept me occupied, and though I felt a little queasy at times near Kidderminster and Salisbury, there was no need to stop the car and the baby wipes Monkey put on the back seat beside me remained unopened.
Picture 677
There’s nothing quite like changing into something a little more comfortable and having a nice cup of tea at your journeys end.
The reception was closed on our arrival because it was late, but the gentleman behind the bar couldn’t have been kinder to us. However, imagine our surprise when we were handed our key and told that our “a-part-ee-mon” (best said in a French accent) was upstairs and ready for our occupation! Surely a mistake, we were expecting a “Gold Star Caravan” – but in upgrading us, Monkey had booked us something infinitivally grander. How exciting! We just didn’t know what we would find behind the door as we put the key tentively  in the lock, but it was wonderful …..
Sun £9.50 Holiday 2
I have a huge room to myself, that even has its own hairdryer, I wish Monkey was with me to share my joy …… my own room with en suite hairdryer, I feel very blessed in a Sun £9.50 Holiday type way.
Sun £9.50 Holiday 4
I tried to look out of the window but couldn’t see much ….. so can only imagine the pleasures of Mudeford that await me in the morning.
 Sun £9.50 Holiday 3
After a light supper I retired to “ma chambre” for a good nights sleep, remembering Monkey in my bedtime prayers. 
Sun £9.50 holiday 1


Junie said...

Oh how wonderful !! Apologies for not being around for a few days we had us a little trip of our own courtesy of !!! Have a wonderful holiday

Mr.D said...

Even the hairdryer is first class, not that I have need of one. Does Darrell's little Monkey have an even littler Monkey? Does this even littler Monkey have an even smaller one, ad infinitum?
"Ma chambre" indeed. I have started revising my French - on the bus to work.