Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Terry’s Volcanic Popping Candy Chocolate Orange – Confectionary Review

Otherwise known as “What’s In Our Tum Wednesday”
Terry's Chocolate Orange 1
Look what Tom, Lucy’s Scientist brother, has sent us to analyse …… only a Terry’s Volcanic Popping Candy Chocolate  Orange – how brilliant is that?  One of our five a day in volcanic popping form!
Terry's Chocolate Orange - Popping Sensation
Darrell was a little trepidatious about trying it, never having had volcanic action in his mouth before …..
Terry's Volcanic Popping Candy Orange a Whack and Unwrap Terry's Chocolate Orange
We unwrapped it very carefully as we didn’t want any unexpected popping off.
Terry's Volcanic Popping Candy Orange b
However our actions were unwarranted as the sticker (which Darrell bagsed immediately) said “Whack and Unwrap”
So Many Pieces - Terry's Chocolate Orange
The orange broke into lots and lots of segments, so there was plenty to share with Lucy and Auntie Jan.
Terry's volcanic popping candy orange
Darrell said that at first it tasted and felt very much like an ordinary chocolate orange segment, but, after a few seconds, he could feel a strange sensation of pinging and popping in his mouth between the back of his jaw and ears, accompanied by a sort of crackling noise in his ears.
Terry's Volcanic Popping Candy Orange 2
We put our mouths by each others ears so we could hear the popping ….
Terry's Volcanic Popping Candy Orange 1
I found that it was hard to laugh in a dignified fashion with popping and melting chocolate in my mouth, and I had to apologise to Darrell for the little bit that I accidently spat in his ear while having a giggling fit.
Terry's Volcanic Popping Candy Orange 6 Terry's Popping Candy Orange 2
We liked the packaging of the orange very much  as it had a word search on the back, where you had to find the names of three famous volcanoes ….. this kept Darrell very quiet for a very long time!
We would give Cadbury's Volcanic Popping Candy Chocolate Orange 8 out of 10, but would probably not recommend it as a gift for a sufferer of tinnitus.


Mr.D said...

Tom the Scientist should tell you to wear goggles - he used to know better many years ago.
"Whack and unwrap?" If I did that, it would be smashed to smithereens. I know what was wrong with "tap and unwrap," not enough force. What about "smack and unwrap?"

Chris G said...

I am so glad you have decided to do more confectionary reviews. It will give me the (excuse) reason to have a taste myself on those you recommend above 5... I shall look out for this particular Chocolate Orange.

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