Saturday, 2 October 2010

Confectionary Review - Liquorice Allsorts – Harribo Liquorice Favourites v Bassetts Allsorts

We have to admit to being a little bit addicted to Haribo Liquorice Favourites, especially as they are available  SPAR and Poundland for £1 for a HUGE bag,  which we like to decant into our special liquorice allsorts bowl.

We have compared the two sorts of allsorts and it's quite obvious that the Bassetts ones are MUCH bigger and the  Haribo ones don't have the bobbly or Bertie Bassett ones.

The Bassetts are much more colourful with pinks, blues and yellows, where the Haribo ones were mostly browns and orange, quite dull really ........
But we much preferred the texture of the fondant part of the Haribo Favourites compared to the Bassetts. The Haribo fondant was much harder and stayed separate from the liquorice in our mouths rather than getting all mixed up together into a fondanty/liquoricy mush as the Bassetts tended to do.

Darrell liked making little men with his share of the allsorts, but I told him that although it was OK to play with his food in the privacy of our home, it wasn't really something he should do in company, especially when he also likes to do sound effects as he does it.

Anyway - our liquorice allsorts of choice are Haribo because of their texture and value for money.

But if we were trying to make an impression we would serve Bassetts to our guests as they have more variety, and are bigger and more colourful.

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Mr.D said...

My dad used to buy Liquorice Allsorts when I was a child. I prefer one sort, not all sorts. I like the solid liquorice ones.
Sounds like a word with the trade descriptions people is in order too.
Liquor and/or rice - certainly no liquor present. There may be rice but I doubt it.