Monday, 11 October 2010

Darrell’s Advertent Sun £9.50 Holiday

An excited Darrell is a joy to behold and also a bit of a nightmare……..  if I can keep him calm until Friday it will be a miracle.
Monkey writing a to do list
I’ve written him a list of things he will need to take.
Picture 636
I’ve told him to keep it in his case, so he can tick everything off when it’s time to come home, that way he shouldn’t leave anything behind.
Picture 637
I know I shouldn’t worry about him, and know he’ll be fine, but I do…….. I keep telling myself Mudeford isn’t that far from Wolverhampton in an emergency.

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Mr.D said...

Two pence pieces or your tupenny bits? Has there been inflation on the Penny Falls? That was my favourite as a child. We are going away next weekend too. To Guanajuato for the Cervantino Festival. I will try not to wet the bed as I get more excited.