Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Packing for Darrell’s £9.50 Sun Holiday.

Darrel packing His Suitcase for Sun £9.50 holiday
It’s only Tuesday and Darrell doesn’t go on his advertent Sun Holiday until late Friday, but he has started packing already.
Mudeford Sun Holiday
He has got my list and he says he is  is packing for all the eventualities of the British weather:- sun, sleet, rain, snow, wind, hail storms and thunderstorms, as he says “October is a very unpredictable month, weather wise.”
Sun £9.50 holiday
I’m not sure if all his stuff will go in the car, thank goodness he hasn’t decided if he will need his bucket and spade, windbreak and beach blanket yet  …. !


Mr.D said...

Who is that in the suitcase? He/she also needs some clothes Darrell.

craftygranny said...

I hope you have a lovely time

hugs and kisses kaitlyn