Saturday, 2 October 2010

Confectionary Review – Princess Marshmallows

Because we have deleted our Confectionary Review Page we have decided to post the old entries here so that they are still available to people in a quandary about choosing the right Marshmallow, Mint or Liquorice Allsort for them.
These marshmallows were from Poundworld and cost £1…. but they had 50% extra free – which we think works out at about ten extra marshmallows per bag – and shared equally, that’s another five each, so with our pocket money that's a bargain!  The bag said that they were fat free - so almost a diet food!
The marshmallows were light, soft and fluffy with a gentle dusting of powder to stop them from sticking which enhanced rather than hindered our enjoyment. It was possible to fit two marshmallows on both sides of our mouths at the same time, but we are experienced marshmallow eaters and would not advice others to follow suit.
We thought the wording on the packaging was a little over the top using such words as seductively soft, wickedly, sinfully and devilishly but we are very masculine kind of monkeys and we feel that the company are really targeting "ladies" what like soft pink sweeties. We would give these sweets 7 out of 10 but would not openly eat them at the Molineux on a match day!


Mr.D said...

I wish I could see a photo of you with four marshmallows in your mouth!

Anonymous said...

How do you know that Monkey doesn't have four marshmallows in his mouth?! Don't you know it's rude to open your mouth when chewing?