Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Confectionary Review – Cadbury Dead Heads

With Halloween and our Trick or Treat Walk looming Auntie Jan bought us these Cadbury Dead Heads to review, to see if they are suitable to put in our Trick or Treat buckets.
Cadbury Dead Heads
The packets are pretty gruesome and contain on average nine mini milk chocolate heads with red caramel centres …… sounds erm …… yummy!
Cadbury Dead Head 1
The “heads” are foil wrapped, which was a slight problem for us because of our stumpy hands …. but Auntie Jan obliged ….. her preferred method of removing the foil was to scrap it with her finger nail rather than fiddle about trying to find the end ….
Cadbury Dead Head
When unwrapped, the heads were truly unpleasant, and you can no doubt understand our reluctance to sink our teeth into one. 
Cadbury Dead Head 3
It was agreed that Darrell should try one first …..
Inside a Cardbury Dead Head 
“It was strange to have an extremely gooey red substance that tasted like a soft smooth caramel in a head shaped chocolate casing in my mouth ” said Darrell “ I half expected it to have a strawberry flavour. I think the sweet challenged my preconceptions of how it should taste by it’s appearance”
Cadbury Dead Heads 4
Not our Halloween confectionary of choice …… a bit too strange for us …… 5 out of 10.


Mr.D said...

Darrell is very articulate. He is an eloquent and silver-tongued young monkey.
The chocolates look like something from Ghostbusters.

Jane said...

Random!! xx