Thursday, 28 October 2010

Darrell’s Advertent 9.50 Sun Holiday – The Journey Home via Poole Quay Car Park - Part 11

Time to say goodbye to Mudeford …. and a last contemplative moment before getting in the car.
Picture 755 
On our journey home we decided to spend the morning at Poole Quay.  My favourite bit was the car park,  because instead of having boring numbers on the wall to tell you what level you were on, it had sea themed stencils.  How brilliant is that?
Car Park Poole Quay
I didn’t twig until we had got to Level C – then realised Level A was for Anchor, B was for Boat and C was for Crab!  Lucy tutted and said “Darrell, I don’t think you’ll ever be my phone a friend”
Poole Quay Car Park
Then we sort of played a guessing game to see what the next symbol would be on the next level.
Pool Quay
I mused aloud that this would be a good idea for one of the car parks in Wolverhampton to adopt
Poole Quay Car Park 1
To which Lucy replied “Hold of that idea in your head Darrell, think of what pictures you would use in Beatties Car Park and it’ll take your mind off you travel sickness on our journey home”
Beatties Car park

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Mr.D said...

I hope you didn't get brain-ache holding that idea in your head all the way home.