Saturday, 9 October 2010


Picture 147
Moths are not my favourite winged creature of choice.  I don’t like the way they flap their wings and then keep deathly still for days on end in our hall.
Picture 146
But their presence in our house is a sign that autumn days are here and the blighters are coming in, in their droves, along with quite few large long legged spiders seeking warmth.
Picture 141
I want to open the window to let him out, but I am frightened he will start fluttering all over the place, eeeeeuk!


qwiksave said...

I agree about moths Monkey, I hate the things. I'm not quite so bad about spiders but I'd rather them stay outside. We have one on a web on our kitchen window and I opened the window to let him go out and he refused! Go spider, go!

Mr.D said...

I think moths get a very bad press compared with butterflies. There is a place near me where hundreds of millions of Monarch butterflies overwinter - it is an amazing sight when the sun warms them up and they take off.