Monday, 4 October 2010

The X Factor

We have been so busy we haven’t had time to comment on The X Factor, though we have been glued to it every Saturday night.  Darrell was especially glad to see that Cheryl is back on board, looking particularly fragrant.
Cadbury Dead Head 3
Anyway, after much discussion   …..we have decided we want Matt to win (to quote Simon, "He doesn't know how good he is" …. and Rebecca to come second, she cries a bit too much for our taste and someone who wears false eyelashes that big can't be that lacking in confidence, but she has a quirky sort of voice that could sell records (in our opinion). That's our decision and we won't be swayed. It might be worth noting our prediction in your diary!

But we cannot abear ……..
…….. that awful Cher with her terrible gurning and Katie What'sher-face- with her fake "cookie-ness" …… yuk, yuk, yuk! Mark our words, much as we love Cheryl, the public will not take to these two. She has made two very wrong calls there and they’ll be out pretty quick ….

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Junie said...

Ohhhhh HARRIS was glued to the XFactor on Saturday night (he had never seen it before). He wants Mat to win and was so so sad that Gamu did not put through instead to through 3 quacks !!!!