Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Darrell’s Advertent Sun £9.50 Holiday in Mudeford – Part 4

I’m not to sure yet if Mudeford is muddy, because the tide is still  high, but it is wet and weedy …. which only adds to my advertent adventure.
Picture 706
Lucy felt that she let me down a bit with her rather brusque shark phobic dismissal of a boat trip yesterday, so to make amends she told me to get my bag of 2p’s, because she was taking me to experience the pleasures of the Penny Falls machine.
Picture 744
I have never had such simple fun with a bag of 2p’s. But Monkey warned me, before I left home, that Penny Falls machines have a hypnotic lure and that once my 2p’s were gone I was to walk away and not be tempted to change just another pound, as it could lead down “the slippery slope” ……. I think he’d been talking to Tristan about something they’d both seen on the Jeremy Kyle Show.
Picture 743
A nice lady gave me a pot to put my 2p’s in, so much classier than my plastic coin bag from the bank and it made me feel like I was “high roller” in Las Vegas.

But I heeded Monkey’s (and indeed Jeremy Kyle’s words) and once my money was gone, after about 45 minutes, I walked away, knowing that I had not been seduced and swayed by the sound of falling 2p's.


Mr.D said...

Ah happy memories of the pre-inflationary Penny Falls. Disappointingly, I didn't see Darrell in the video. He timed his coin release to the split second.

Lilibet said...

Its all in the timing.Try the double loader next time!!