Thursday, 14 October 2010

Travel Sickness Avoidance Tactics for Darrell

Darrell is a martyr to his travel sickness so to pre-empt the possibility of his feeling unwell on his journey to Mudeford I have decided to use try some avoidance tactics (or tic tacs as I like call them) for him.
Car Eye Spy
My reasoning is that if he has something to occupy him he won’t be thinking about feeling sick.
Car Eye Spy 1
So, to that end I have made him an “Eye Spy” game to play on the journey.
Darrells Car Eye Spy
I hope it works!
Making a Car Eye Spy
I do worry about him ……


Mr.D said...

Does the mode of travel make a difference? Are you taking the train, coach, car? Why not consider a different transport? Space shuttle or milk float spring to mind.

Jane said...

Have a look in Boots in the Monkey section, they have special Monkey travel wrist-bands!! Ask the Ape behind the counter if you can't find them xx