Wednesday, 9 May 2012

And All Because The Lady Loves ………… Nigel!

It seems that Lovely Stephanie, the Cover Assistant at work has a mahoooosive soft spot for Nigel and had bought him back some Chocolate de la Belle France from her recent cultural visit to the aforementioned country with the Languages Department.
French Chocolate..
She was full of her visit and began to tell Nigel all about Monet’s Garden, the museums and the great paintings she had seen, including the most romantic Mona Lisa, but I am afraid that once Nigel saw the bar of Lait Caramel in her neatly manicured hands he sort of glazed over ……
French Chocolate
Now, we never saw any of the chocolate, (which would have made for an excellent confectionary review)  …… all we have seen is some screwed up silver foil under Nigel’s bed …… and a couple of smears of chocolate on his pillow ……..


Mr.D said...

My mother may have called this "cupboard love".
With his thing about ater, I suspect Nigel would want to dive into Monet's water lily pond at his garden in Giverny.

marc said...

Nigel that choc did look nomtastic was it we need to know big love marc

Anonymous said...

Gotta love Nigel..he does grab your attention! Beautiful packaging on the chocolate bar; bet it was so delicious he was overwhelmed and couldn't stop. Not his fault really!...Best yummy Wishes..Dianne