Thursday, 17 May 2012

A Robust Mission

There has been a bit of a lull in rush photocopying and so all three of us were taken off our usual duties and given a task of an “Activity Day Preparation Type Nature! Firstly, I was sent to town with a mahooosive shopping list for such things as marshmallows, jelly babies, blu tac, wholemeal and regular  spaghetti, straws, string, insulation tape, and lollypop sticks…… plus a few other bits …
Monkey on A mission
As I sat waiting at the bus stop I felt the enormity of responsibility bestowed upon me massively, and tried to avert my thoughts from the possibility of  there being a shortage of marshmallows in town ….. which would result in the failure of my mission.
organic spagetti
But on my return I was greeted like a hero, as I had managed to source everything on my robustly diverse list ….. except the PVA glue!
counting strands of spagetti
However, our work had only just begun …. all the items had to be shared equally into twenty groups of everything ….. so  I had to count, calculate and divide all the strands in a huge pile of wholemeal spaghetti……
new challenges
….. and Darrell had to do the same with the “regular” spaghetti …..
clutching at straws
….. followed by the same, again,  but with 1,000 straws. Fortunately Lucy (our new temporary boss, who used to work on BBC Doctors) showed him how clutching at straws worked out at about twenty five per fist full, which sped things up a little and impressed us greatly.
sharing blu tac
Nigel was put on the division of blu tac and packs of insulation tape which he said made his brain hurt, big time!
Haribo jelly babies.
The most precious of our commodities  were the marshmallows and jelly babies …… but unfortunately we didn’t have to count these individually to divide up… doh!
Haribo Charmallows
The teacher in charge said that would be very remiss of her to put temptation in our way …… ….. but if there were any left she would make sure that they found their way back to us!
Haribo Jelly babies
And the reason for all our hard work ………
Egg Tower
…We have suggested that if they should do this type of activity again ….
Tower 2
…… they should substitute the spaghetti for Mikado biscuits or Mint Matchmakers
Thus enabling all the towers to be completely consumed …… hopefully with our help!  What are we like??


Mr.D said...

Great fun. I thought Nigel would have got himself to the top and replaced (eaten) the Creme Egg with himself, singing "I'm the King of the Castle."

marc said...

lol that would be a sight to see Mr D i like mikado and i use to love coffee matchmakers what a great thing to do big love marc

Di said...

Laughing here at Mr D's comment - I knew Nigel's penchant for food would creep in today :)


Anonymous said...

That sounds like a robust AND mahoosive errand and assembling of ingredients you took on! But definitely something more substanial than spaghetti would have helped those towers. Mr.D, what a great picture brought to mind!..Dianne

Anonymous said...

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