Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Colin Firth And His Cupcake of Choice!

pink cupcake
As I was sitting enjoying my mid morning cupcake and coffee, betwixt rush photocopying jobs, I couldn’t help but notice how many pictures of Colin Firth the office ladies had in their individual work areas, blu tac-ed to any available wall space …….
Colin Firth
I think it must be so WONDERFUL to be as robustly gorgeous as he and to make ladies swoon, something I would like to experience just once in my life to see how it feels!  And then I got  to musing, and wondered whether the aforementioned Mr Firth enjoys (like my good self)  the odd cupcake on set between takes …….. and if he did, what his cupcake of choice that would be??????? Hmmmmmm….. he looks like a walnut and coffee man to me!


Mr.D said...

I bet, without realising it, you have made quite a few ladies swoon or go weak at the knees over the years.
I'm not sure if Tallulah falls into this category however.
Don't eat too many cupcakes as a big stomach won't help in the swooning department. (The swooning department is on the right, just after menswear.)

Di said...

Oh Mr D - my morning snigger :) Di x

Anonymous said...

Mr. D, the swooning department is where most of us ladies will be with endless thoughts of the gorgeous, charming, irresistible, heavenly Mr. Firth. Who cares about cupcakes when facing a picture of the one and only wonderful Colin Firth??.. Dianne

marc said...

i think you need to take cold baths ladies and to take up jogging or some sort of blood pumping exercises to stop all this swooning or you need to eat a cup cake or to you could be faint due to hunger i myself have never swooned well no knowingly there was that time i went a bit giddy after standing up to quick but i dont think that counts big love Marc
i get peps swooning over me monkey its not nice having to catch them or steep over them while doing your daily shop big showbiz wave HUGH
big love Marc