Thursday, 10 May 2012

Wondrous Comestibles From Iceland

Icelandic Chocolates
The Geography young ladies have just returned from a successful trip to Iceland and as part of the organisation involved a mahooooosive amount of rush photocopying, the girls very kindly bought us back a wondrous gift of an Icelandic confectionary type nature as a thank you, which we found quite overwhelming!
Icelandic lava
They also bought Darrell a bit of volcano back for his geological collection, as he clutched it I think he half hoped that it might still be a little on the warm side….. what is he like?
Icelandic receipt
The girls had accidently left the receipt in the bag, which was an immense treasure to us as it was so foreign ….. and we laughed so much at Darrell’s pronouncements of some of the words, in what he thought was an Icelandic accent,  that  Darrell couldn’t catch his breathe and almost choked!
Now ….  after Nigel’s over indulgence of a French chocolate type nature yesterday, he was feeling a trifle delicate and his usual enthusiasm for trying the unusual had deserted him and on this occasion he felt it might be wise to abstain, saying that he just needed to rest in the crook of my arm, averting his eyes and nose from our Nordic delicacies …. making strange “yewwing” noises!
However, Darrell and I were most eager to delve into gastronomy of this romantic tectonic land …..
….. and decided to try/start on the Ris Kubbar first …..
We were immediately impressed by what we thought was the generous envelopment of nuts in the chocolate  …..
Icelandic nom nom nom
….. however after a certain amount of nibblement, we discovered that the nuts were in fact crispy round puffs of some sort, but never the less, were very delicious.
Liqourice and chocolate
We then moved onto the Sma Freyju Lakkris Draumur ….. which on first appearance we assumed contained raisins …. as we could see black bits encased within…..
chocolate and liqourice.
….. but, after a great deal of robust probing we found that each portion of chocolate contained a strip of liquorice …. and unusual but not unpleasant confectionary combo.  In all we would award both foreign chocolates 9.5 noms each, for surprise value, novelty and naturally taste!
chocolate liqourice from Iceland
Although Darrell and I were now in full taste testing mode we decided that after just one piece each we should curtail our sampling of Baltic sweetmeats for another day as poor Nigel really had had enough ….. and was suffering …..
Chucking Up
….. poor little fella ……. but perhaps a lesson learnt ….. as Mary Poppins was apt to say “Enough’s as good as a feast!”


marc said...

great review they both sound yummy what nomtastic noms will you give them big love marc

Mr.D said...

Tectonic but not teutonic?
I take it to be Iceland the country and not Iceland the shop. Foreign teutonic biscuits could be from Lidl. My younger brother's wife is German and she finds treats there.
Do you know how to say "nom" in Icelandic? Will Google translate help?

Anonymous said...

A bit of volcano and new confectionary make any day a fun day! Nigel does look overcome by the sight of those treats but then he had eaten his weight in chocolate! The French chocolate bar looked as big as he is. Mary Poppins usually knows best....Dianne

Di said...

I vote you do some checking, whip Nigel's pants down quickly and see if there's a little pink curly tail growing from his rear end, also check his feet aren't turning into little trotters.

That boy is doing a very good impression of a little piggy these days - he could be transmogrifying into one!!